Art Gluttony/Magic by Mac Etsy Shop

Magic by Mac is the result of  the collaboration of ideas of two generations and is an offshoot of Art Gluttony.  We very are excited to announce the opening of an Etsy store under the Art Gluttony banner – you can visit us here!

One half of the generations (the younger half) has an amazing creative talent and produces some awesome ideas which she always follows through.  Some will work better than others but you can be certain that they will ALL be done to perfection.

This has inspired the older half to dig deep and find something which could also be shared with others even though the creative talent is not as free flowing.

The original idea of Art Gluttony was to write about anything to do with ‘Art’ in all forms and is always an excellent read but it has evolved over time.  The writing in Art Gluttony hasn’t been as prolific of late but I’m sure it will make a come-back soon, you can read back posts here.

I don’t think either half of this collaboration really knows how we have got to where we are but it is a big leap of faith to open the Etsy store and we hope everyone loves (and buys) our creations as much as we love making them.

Magic by Mac - GDC Fashion & Giftware - Made to Order