I love to create new things but unfortunately I was never blessed with a creative mind – not enough to think up new ideas anyway.  It’s the same with anything I do – I have to follow a recipe, I need to have a pattern, I’m lost without some sort of instruction.  Thankfully there are lots of people in the world who do have creative minds and who don’t mind sharing their creations on the internet with the rest of the world.  I try not to copy exactly but at least I have a starting point.

Great places for finding ideas is so much easier these days; Google, YoTube, Pinterest etc have taken the place of all those pattern books I had to buy over the years.  I have piles of knitting, sewing and crochet books and patterns all of which I will probably never throw away but also will probably never use again either, mostly because they are out-dated now but ask my husband and he’ll tell you that I have a distinct aversion to throwing any type of book away.  The internet is so much easier because all the latest trends are there and really there is no need to even print any patterns/instructions (I usually do though), which means less space needed to store everything.

IMG_0255The down side of course is that sometimes I find a design I like and forget to save or print it then I can never remember where it was or what it was called to find it again.  These days this is where Pinterest comes in, I find stuff I like and save it to use or copy at a later date.

Of course other people’s jewellery is also a source of ideas. I find myself looking at what jewellery is being worn instead of concentrating on what is being said! Bit rude really, but I can’t seem to help myself!!