The Art of Patience

I think I’ve said before that I really like the act of creating something useful or at least something that someone else may actually like.  So to me, this business of jewellery making is perfect; I create gorgeous things that I think someone will like and wear.

Having said that, it does take time to create these items and there is only one of me (or 2 of us for some designs).  We don’t have a heap of people mass producing nor are we a factory churning out dozens of the same design.  Our designs/creations are individually handcrafted with the best components we can find and to the best standards we can achieve.

There is also the small issue of supplies – sometimes we have to wait for certain supplies to be delivered (which, as you can imagine, is frustrating when you’re experiencing a creative flow but do not have the materials to match!). So not only do we practice the art of creating beautiful jewellery but we have also had to learn the art of patience (which is easier for one of us than the other!).

Mostly we try to source our components from Australia (which usually takes about a week) but occasionally we need to get some things from the UK or the USA which can take up to 2 weeks, sometimes more depending on where it is coming from!

All this means is that when we post our newest creations on Facebook or within this blog, more than likely there will be only 1 of them already made… But others can be made to order, with components of your choice (check out our gemstone options here).  The up side of this is that you can be very certain that no-one else will have another one exactly like yours.  The down side is that you may have to wait a bit for your order.

If we already have supplies, this should only take a few days, but if we need to order, it can take a little longer.  So, should you like any of our designs and wish to purchase them, please get in early so you won’t be disappointed!


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